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About Us


Wood Digest International Woodworking Competition Award Winning Design by Bret Nusbaum

Bret Nusbaum was on a shopping trip with his wife and daughter. While they were clothes shopping, he was doing a lot of sitting and waiting. Being a carpenter, he was studying the detailed display units in the stores. It occurred to him that the units were very versatile and portable. So he conceived bringing that same sort of flexibility to options in the home, but doing it in the quality of the solid woods that he works with daily.

High-end clothier shelving and clothing racks with their concepts of flexibility, sturdiness, beauty, & efficiency are the genesis of All the Right Spaces closet organizers.

about-us-pic-2All the Right Spaces, with manufacturing facilities in the Central Illinois community of Farmer City, is a family-operated company that combines state-of-the-art woodworking technology with the hand craftsmanship of traditional custom carpentry. With the family’s three decades of wood working experience, our line of home storage and organization solutions reflects our Midwestern values, small-town work ethic and commitment to quality. We stand behind our fully warranted products and will be here to stand behind them in the future. Most importantly, we are as demanding of quality craftsmanship, and attention to detail as the homeowners who become our partners in excellence and view our products as an important addition to their homes. All the Right Spaces is more than a company, it’s a promise of quality kept.

All The Right Spaces Mission Statement

To provide an environment that creates a desire to be professional and quality minded; service oriented and creative in order to better our services, products, and quality of work and life.

To support our customers with quality products and services at competitive prices; to create partnerships, friendships, and long-term relationships that are beneficial to all parties involved.

To be constantly on the look-out for new products and services that we can offer to our customers to keep up to date on new building products and practices.

To conduct and run our business with the highest ethical standards, integrity and honesty in all dealings and transactions.

To always be the “Yes We Can” company with quality at every corner.